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Creating beautiful "illusion" or "floating" necklaces without crimp beads is easy with this handy adhesive. Make a knot in Supplemax™ Monofilament Illusion Cord, use the precision applicator to place a drop of glue on the knot and slide the bead over the knot. Continue to space out the beads to create a "floating" effect!
This adhesive is also ideal for securing beads or pearls to wires or cords. Get pinpoint precision for handmade jewelry, watch crystals, general crafts, hobbies, optics and industrial applications. 
  • .33 oz. (9.4 g) tube
  • Dries clear
  • Will not bond to fingers
  • Won't damage the surface to which it is applied
WARNING: FLAMMABLE - DANGER - CONTENTS MAY CATCH FIRE. Keep away from flames. Do not smoke or use near sources of ignition.